Sunday, May 13, 2007

Why not buy a car while in Japan.

Japan Road Trip is now marketing to Forigners that live or are traveling in Japan. Buying a vehicle in Japan is not an easy process for forigners. We make it easy for you by processing all the paper work needed. When acquiring a car, numerous documents have to be filled out, including forms to register your car and to verify ownership of a parking space. If you buy a used car, the process is further complicated by forms regulating the transfer of ownership.

Owning and operating a car is also linked with various expenses, including compulsory inspections (shaken) every two to three years, various taxes, mandatory and optional insurance.

Fortunately, if you buy a car through JRT, we will handle most of the paperwork for you, while your main task is signing the forms with your officially registered, personal stamp (inkan).

While coming over on vacation in Japan why not buy a car, and use it while you are here. Being able to drive the vehicle first cuts the risk in half. The ultmate would be to come over, stay with us in our lodge, take a road trip in your new vehicle and send the car home!